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------------- tree rings provide interest because of their link with time and weather patterns, so direct observation, macro, and micro representations yield much for us to ponder upon. Document scanners have the advantage over optical microscopes of having great depth of field or focus. Thin sections and wood treatment preparation of thin sections for slide mounting is not an easy task, and ideally requires a sledge microtome, though a standard handheld one can be used provided the wood is softened first. So long as the face to be scanned is reasonably plane and smooth, the rest of the specimen s form is unimportant, and does not hinder as would if lying upon a stage. Brightfield illumination will be satisfactory if the section is fairly thin and flooded with water, overlaid with a coverslip.

You might find some timbers best cut wet and examined after drying. Never let the softened section dry out, and always use a coverslip to allow inspection to be carried out with the surface in a flooded state, to gain maximum contrast and optical clarity etc. 4 % 186 0 obj > endobj 206 0 obj >/filter/flatedecode/id[]/index[186 37]/info 185 0 r/length 100/prev 1407399/root 187 0 r/size 223/type/xref/w[1 3 1]>>stream hbbd```b``^ @$[f a$tiu`] ]0dfk߳s`h fo. One unorthodox method which i have used is to prepare the end grain fairly well and then coat with clear polyurethane varnish or preferably a clear epoxy resin. Using vertical illumination will reveal much of the structural characteristics, as well as any flaws in the cutting process too.

Sanding even with very fine papers tends to yield a woolly surface in some of the softer timbers, so cutting or slicing with a very keen blade is best. A stereo low power scope is ideal for this. There is something of interest in this subject for both the casual observer and the keen botanist tree ring dating flaws.greek chat rooms no registration.
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